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Once Upon A Time feelings!(Season 2 Ep 17)

Once Upon A Time is quickly becoming a weekly punch to the heart -_-
That episode was so emotional! All i want to do is hug Regina even more now, she needs some love :( I get why people can hate her but she’s still one of my favourite characters in the show and in a way i’m rooting for her. Maybe not for her to kill everyone to get her happy ending but i JUST need her to smile.
God sake she cried in this episode so much and my heart just broke for her. It makes me really miss Evil Queen Regina (and not just because she had a fabulous wardrobe) but here she’s more broken than she ever was :( I feel she deserves to win at something right now. She’s lost practically everything. :(
I can’t wait to see how all this turns out. 


Showdoen between rumplestilskein and the queen. Bring it on bitch. Hope he kicks her ass. I feel so bad for him at times. AAAHHHH OMG SHE EXSISTS IN STORYBROOK! OMG kjhhfhuhgkjljhu Seriously SOMEONE TAKE THIS BITCH DOWN!